Ripple’s Xpring Introduces Smart Features to XRP Ledger

XRP is now the third-biggest cryptocurrency in the world by market cap, and much of the credit for its success goes to the San Francisco-based Fintech company, Ripple Labs. In a new development that should come as a major boost to Ripple holders, the company announced on Monday that it has come up with two new versions of the XRP Ledger. The announcement was made through the Ripple subsidiary, Xpring.

Key Details

The company has announced two new versions of the ledger in order to improve the services it provides to its clients. This is a significant development for both the company and also for the XRP ecosystem.

There are going to be significant upgrades in the new versions of the XRP Ledger. For instance, handshaking protocols, better packet building, and a slew of bug fixes, among others, are going to be on offer. The company is going to oversee the deployment of XRP Ledger 1.5.0 on the XRP Ledger Testnet on April 15. That will give developers that chance to test out the new version thoroughly by way of XRP mirrors.

Xpring is also going to upgrade the XRP Ledger on its servers. Xpring is the commercial arm of the Ripple.

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Mark Yusko, the Chief Executive Officer and founder of Morgan Creek Management, has raised questions about the centralized nature of Ripple’s operations. As everyone knows, cryptocurrencies, by nature, are supposed to be decentralized, but in an interview, Yusko stated that he struggles to understand the dynamics between Ripple and XRP.

He went on to add that this particular relationship between the two is the reason why XRP is not a part of his crypto index. The Crypto Index Fund, managed by Morgan Creek, is one of the most influential indexes in the crypto market.

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Title: Ripple’s Xpring Introduces Smart Features to XRP Ledger
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Published Date: Tue, 14 Apr 2020 19:47:39 +0000

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